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My name is Gwendolyn Jones and I live in sunny Florida USA.   I started this  website back in 2017 as apart of my ploy to become location independent.  I always saw and heard the phrase do what you love for a living. Then I read work hard to do what you love.  But I really wanted to do was make money while doing what I love.  You may ask, "What do you love to do Gwen?"  I thought you'd never ask!😊    I love traveling and experiencing culinary delights and unique finds.  I enjoy documenting my discoveries and sharing them.  So I begin researching what will allow me to do what I love while making money.   I learned that people were banking from YouTube videos!   I started my YouTube Channel affectionately named Delightfully GiGi!  Which led me to falling in love with creating digital content (Can you see where this is going?).  Then I learned that people were making money from their websites with affiliate marketing! So was born the Delightfully GiGi website!  Surely, I could make money with a You Tube channel and affiliate marketing on my website doing what I love, right?  It did not.  I stopped.  I became discouraged and I stopped creating content across all platforms, even for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.   I filmed while on vacations but, didn't edit and upload them.  I was in a slump and blamed the lack of time for not creating.  My dad says it best though..."Time brings about a change."  So true.  Here it is two years later.  I am in a different frame of mind and place in my life to learn the necessities of earning income from doing what I love, even if it means doing what I'm skilled (in a different way) in order to do what I love .  It may take a little more time than I desire but, I am committed to myself to make it happen!  It's a blessing to have the support of my husband, mom, dad, daughters, brother, cousins and friends to keep me focused and moving forward. 

 I love them all very much! 💕💕💕💕


Delightfully GiGi's website embodies my lifestyle from travel to food to how I make a living.   I am fascinated that I am able to share content with the hopes of guiding another soul to their divine purpose with my website.   I'm so glad you are here.💕

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XO, GiGi Jones

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